Generative AI, with its ability to generate new data that closely resembles existing data, offers several benefits to the financial services industry. Here are some key benefits and how they work:

Centralize Internal and External Research

Today, professionals face siloed resources containing information that, while essential for compliance purposes, creates inefficiencies. The solution: technology that centralizes research across teams so as to improve synergy, efficiency, and decision-making.

With genAI, you can spend less time searching for company and market insights across internal and external sources with the help of integrations, which connects research from multiple investment teams and locations onto a centralized platform. Platforms like AlphaSense leverage purpose-built genAI technology that generate relevant summarizations by securely integrating internal research perspectives.

With Sparken Capital’s genAI technology, you can easily stay on top of more competitor earnings calls by quickly identifying the topics or content most relevant to your search.

Spend Less Time Searching for Key Topics or Deal Terms

There’s no denying that establishing benchmarking terms and building out comps today take longer due to the fragmentation of historical deal data housed across CRMs and other content sources. That’s why growing numbers of investment teams are embracing genAI to take advantage of a single search that pulls from every internal and external resource.

The advantages of technology range from instant content summarization, to intelligent search surfacing key topics and terms from historical deal content and side-by-side comparisons with current external market and company insights.

Quickly Search for Company and Market Insights

The scenario of time lost due to difficulty chasing content hidden within historical meeting notes, internal research thesis, memos, etc. is all too common. With a platform that leverages genAI, you can spend less time searching for company and market insights across internal and external sources. Additionally, integrated content sets can prove to be beneficial as a single “source of truth,” along with summarizations produced by genAI that can quickly surface insights and jumpstart research on new companies or markets.

Consolidate Internal and External Deal Intelligence

Often, inefficiencies in the due diligence process stem from challenges with leveraging past deal details siloed in CRMs, network drives, deal rooms, etc. Regardless of where this information is sourced or exists within your company’s intelligence base, this information silo impacts deal velocity.

With the help of genAI technology and integration capabilities, your team can connect multiple internal research sources within one, centralized resource. The result leads to improved discovery—with the help of genAI-sourced summaries on internal and external content—which consequently supports more efficient, consistent deal analysis and structuring.